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Mission Statement

To provide a safe space –a hub for women who want to adopt a clean beauty and holistic lifestyle, identify toxins in their skincare and components they encounter on a day to day basis, understand, interpret and apply the concept of going green in today’s world.


Manifesto To grow (serve) as a movement of eco friendly warriors.
To be a safe place for all who are passionate about healthy clean living
To advocate for a holistic approach to health, beauty and overall wellness.
To serve as an information hub for environmentally
savvy, clean living enthusiasts.
To assist those looking to holistically detox their beauty regime
To provide information to those wanting to
organically and naturally go green
To assist in the sourcing and correct use of safe ingredients in skincare.
To provide training and mentorship in the formulating of natural and organic skincare and beauty products.
Our aim is to help to demystify ingredients so you can be confident of the benefits of living in a toxin
free environment for you and your family.
To empower 100 00 sisters of all ages by giving them the tools you need to :
identify, choose, design, formulate their own
personalised, cosmetic beauty products for
private use and or business purposes.

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It’s time to clean up your choices when it comes to your beauty routine and enjoy a toxin free life. Say goodbye to the “Dirty Dozen” toxins in skincare and appreciate the benefits of a TOXIC FREE lifestyle.
t is time to play your part by ensuring the preservation of what mother Nature has provided.
Clean up and Go 
Go Clean Go Green

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