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Tired of confusing skincare advice and products that don't deliver?

Our personalized skincare consultation is your key to achieving a healthy, glowing complexion that looks and feels its best.

 Unlock Your Skin's True Potential:

With a Personalized Skincare Assessment Session
Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all skincare and hello to a radiant, healthy complexion!

This personalized skincare assessment session is designed to give you a deep understanding of your unique skin and create a custom routine that delivers real results.

During your assessment, we'll:

Dive Deep:

We'll discuss your skin history, current concerns, and desired goals. Whether you struggle with dryness, acne, or premature aging, we'll get to the root of the issue.

Advanced Skin Analysis:

We'll create a basic meal plan to rehydrate their skin and make it healthier.

We'll recommend a clean green skin routine for radiant skin. 
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In this Customized Roadmap to Success

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Expert Recommendations: Based on your assessment, our experienced skincare professional will create a tailored routine using high-performance products or natural alternatives (depending on your preference).

Sample Savvy: Get hands-on experience with recommended products to ensure they feel comfortable and work seamlessly with your skin.

Pro Tips & Techniques: Learn proper application methods and valuable tips for maximizing the benefits of your new routine.
Long-Term Support: We'll answer all your skincare questions and provide ongoing guidance as your skin evolves.
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This session is perfect for:
Individuals with specific skin concerns (acne, dryness, aging, etc.)
Those seeking professional guidance to navigate the overwhelming world of skincare products
People who want to understand their skin type and develop a targeted routine
Anyone interested in creating a sustainable, long-term approach to healthy skin
Investing in a personalized skincare assessment is an investment in your confidence and your most beautiful skin yet!


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Easy as one, two, three

Book your session today and embark on a journey to radiant, healthy skin!

Bronze plan

1 Hour Session
Online learning skin and skincare routine assessment
  • Skin assessment
  • Product assessment
  • Basic Meal Plan Assessment
  • Sample product recommendation

Silver plan

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  • No transaction fees
  • 20 admins / instructors
  • Bulk student upload

Golden plan

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  • No transaction fees
  • 20 admins / instructors
  • Bulk student upload
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5. You've heard of 'eat the rainbow' but in this class you'll discover what it means to eat the full colour spectrum of beauty foods, why this is important for skin-health and what those colours secretly mean.

6. You'll put your new knowledge into practise and dive into nutritional software to start learning to analyse your own diet for how beautifying it is.

Using our templates, charts and beauty food pyramid (and yourself as a 'guinea pig) you'll be able to analyse then adapt a diet for beauty.

You'll qualify in just 1 day and earn a minimum of 8 CPD points for your professional files.

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Meet Rumbi, The Afrocentric Beauty Alchemist.

Rumbi is the Organic Skincare Expert, SNI Licensed Educator and Beauty Nutrition Advisor, Mentor, Author, and a Beauty Magazine Editor.

With a deep passion for finding effective and natural beauty solutions, Rumbi has dedicated her career to formulating organic skincare products and educating others on their benefits.

Rumbi enjoys teaching others about the wonders and effects of natural and organic skincare remedies, helping them to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Her expertise as a Beauty Editor and Author also allows her to share her knowledge and insights with a wider audience, inspiring others to embrace a natural and sustainable approach to skincare.

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You'll end the day with a short exam then claim your shiny new Certificate in Beauty Nutrition Fundamentals accredited by IPHM and IGCT.
You'll also be given a digital graduation pack which contains everything you need to be a successful Beauty Nutrition Advisor:
• Practitioner handbook
• Beautify Your Skin (guide for your clients)
• Beauty Nutrition Skin-Health Checklist
• Beauty Diet Guide + Meal Plan Example
• Beauty Food Food Factsheets
• Nutritional Data for each Beauty Food.
• Skin 'Hydration Station' Guide
• Beauty Food Shopping List
• Beauty Nutrition Recipe Ebook
• Links to curated Pinterest recipe boards

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