Baby Care Products Formulation

Baby skin is delicate and can be ten times more sensitive than adults. It is thinner and may not fully mature for up to 12 months. Baby skin is prone to conditions like atopic dermatitis and eczema so it is best to always avoid products with harsh ingredients.
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Nourish and maintain skin health

Few people know that most commercial baby toiletries like washing soaps, baby shampoo, lotions and other skincare products contain toxic chemicals with artificial colours, synthetic fragrances and preservatives which can irritate a baby’s skin and lead to serious health issues.

Make Your Own Baby Care Products

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  • Author: Rumbi Serima
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Study time: X hours
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Course overview
 Unlock the goodness of mother nature to nurture and protect your little one’s skin with richly nourishing organic butters, oils and herbal infusions.

Fortunately, now you can make your own natural and organic baby’s skincare range at home. This course will teach you how to master the art of formulating using natural, plant-based ingredients for the maintenance of a baby’s skin.
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Certification included
Certificate awarded on completion of this accredited Baby Care Products Formulation course.

Benefits of our Baby Care Products Course

This course will teach you to:

  • Master the art of formulating using natural, plant-based ingredients for the maintenance of baby’s skin.
  • You will learn about the best ingredients for use in all weather conditions and 
  • The best herbs, oils, butters, and everyday ingredients to create a range of enhanced body care that is gentle on baby’s skin. 
  • Design your own high performance recipes
  • Formulate your own organic, quality Baby Care Products for use at home.
  • Formulate your own organic, quality Baby Care Products for yolur customers
  • Understand the basic structure and anatomy of the skin.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Baby skin and sensitivities.
  • Baby Skin basics.
  • Understand the most suitable ingredients.
  • Identifying toxins in skincare products.
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Module 2
  • Natural and organic oils, herbs, butters, and powders.
  • Gums, thickeners, for baby washes and gels.
  • Best baby oils, butters, clays and powders.
  • Soothing and calming essential oils.  
  • Characteristics and uses of other ingredients used in natural and organic baby skincare formulations.
  • Create an Infusion
  • Create salves and balms for baby skin.
  • Create problem specific formula i.e. eczema etc.
  • Carrier Oils, Essential Oils
  • Drying and preserving plant materials for use in formulations.

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Module 4
baby powders
  • Make your own baby powders.
  • Work with clays.
  • Learn the variations and characteristics of clays.
  • Understand the interaction of clay when it comes into contact with the skin. 
  • Use different bases for your baby powder formulations.

  • Create body massage and hair oils.
  • Get to know the best essential oils for baby.
  • Create soothing and calming preparations.
  • Work with different functional ingredients to create infused oils.
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Body Washes, Shampoos and Gels
Gels Water alone isn’t always enough to clean the nappy area
  • Formulating baby shampoos.
  • Formulating baby wash
  • Formulating baby conditioner
Module 7
Superfood Suspension Masks
  • Identify superfoods benefits and uses in facial masks
  • Identify ingredients in superfood suspension mask preparation
  • Create a basic superfood suspension masks using a formula
  • Understand the use of different functional ingredients
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What's included?

  • 7 Modules
  • 1 Certification
  • 340 Questions
  • 25 Videos
  • 32 PDF

Become a formulator

 Start making your own skincare products.
Learn how to use the best natural and organic ingredients  with noticeable results.
Gain confidence to choose the right ingredients for your products.


 Learn from our accredited Academy
Meet the instructor

Rumbi Serima

Meet Rumbi, The Afrocentric Beauty Alchemist.

Rumbi is the Organic Skincare Expert, Mentor, Author, and Beauty Magazine Editor. With a deep passion for finding effective and natural beauty solutions, Rumbi has dedicated her career to formulating organic skincare products and educating others on their benefits.

She was inspired by her desire to provide better life experiences for her family and has spent years training and earning cosmetology qualifications to successfully run her own business.

As a Licensed Skincare Tutor, Rumbi enjoys teaching others about the wonders and effects of natural and organic skincare remedies, helping them to achieve healthy, glowing skin.

Her expertise as a Beauty Editor and Author also allows her to share her knowledge and insights with a wider audience, inspiring others to embrace a natural and sustainable approach to skincare.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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